Increasing Sales Using Unboxing Videos


Getting a product out of a box is called unboxing. This is the reason that unboxing videos are very popular among internet users. According to data provided by YouTube, about 60 million hours in 2015 have been spent on playing videos in which the products were being unboxed. And a report by Google suggests that 60% of the people who search for products watch unboxing videos of the products they look for.


There are certain reasons for the popularity of unboxing videos.

  1. Online purchasers do not get a chance to analyze any product by carrying it in their own hands before buying. By the time they will be dealing with the box or shipping supplies used in the packing of product they ordered, they would have paid for it at least two days before the product delivery. Hence, an unboxing video of that particular product provides the best chance of looking into the real details of that product.
  2. Emotional experience is another feature that makes unboxing videos special. The enthusiasm and excitement shown by the person unboxing the product says much about the quality and features of the product.
  3. Another major point of unboxing videos is that most of them aren’t the advertisements. It means that unboxing videos are usually created by third parties in order to give an evenhanded review about the product. Hence, a purchase decision based on information from an unboxing video would more likely be the correct one.

Finding an unbiased unboxing video isn’t difficult. You just need to do a little research. There are many channels on YouTube that work dedicatedly for making unboxing videos of several products. You can find videos from such channels.

How can you create unboxing videos of your own products?

The videos are now being made by the companies to explain unboxing of their products. You can do the same but competition factor is something you have to take into consideration. You can make videos by creating some unusual circumstances that would give your video and the product great prominence. For instance, if you are selling water proof mobile phones, you can unbox and then turn on a water proof mobile phone under water while making a video of entire process.

Asking third parties to develop unboxing video for you

If you are targeting a specific audience of a particular locality for selling your product, you can get in contact with one of the influencers in that locality and ask that person to make an unboxing video of your product. Influencers are the trusted individuals, and people believe what they say.

If possible, you can ask your regular and happy customers who would make unboxing videos for your products. As a matter of fact, this marketing tactic will help you drive more sales online.

To make sure that there aren’t any other advertisements on your unboxing video, you can pay YouTube for that video.


Author: Christopher Sutherland

Developed several new methods for working on magma in New York, NY. Spent two years researching weed whackers in Ocean City, NJ. Earned praised for my work investing in human hair in Deltona, FL.

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